Posted on Feb 10, 2019
Day 5 
Today has had some intense challenges. There were some injuries, loss of pets and we parted ways with a beloved team member due to personal reasons back home. They will be missed very much ❤️ Sending hugs and good thoughts to them. Thankfully everyone is safe and okay. Despite the downfalls of the day we pulled through and worked together to finish what we started. We got the walls up! It was a big job that required the help of everyone on our team. We also got a fair bit of painting done, the beam up and eight wall panels as well! 
Very thankful to have such a wonderful team. After today we came together to debrief and check in with everyone. The bond and love that has been created between everyone here in such a short amount of time is very special and it’s lovely to be a part of. Great job everyone for pulling through and supporting each other 🤗