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The Rotary Club of Parksville A.M. was chartered on October 12, 1994 with 30 members.  Our club is committed to introduce Rotary fellowship to our local community to increase membership.

Canada's First Rotary Peace City  -   December 18th, 1997.

Past Presidents of Our Club

1994-95: Bashir El-Khalafawi, MPHF, Charter President
1995-96: Ray Walker, PHF
1996-97: Aaron Nicklen
1997-98: Dennis Light
1998-99: Kay Burgoyne, MPHF
1999-00: Anne Duggan
2000-01: Dan Sigouin, PHF

2001-02: Maggie Towns
2002-03: Ron O'Brien
2003-04: Helen Dyck
2004-05: Don Luke, PHF
2005-06: Daniel Roode
2006-07: Jacqueline Russell
2007-08: John O'Brien
2008-09: Rick Horte
2009-10: Sandy Herle
2010-11: Gord Svenson
2011-12: Lynne Pearson
2012-13: Jo Dunn
2013-14: Bruce Huxtable
2014-15: Diana Matsuda
2015-16: Garry Cox
2016-17: Norman Hamelin
2017-18: Helen Dyck
2018-19: Bill Rawlins

Past Presidents of Additional Rotary Clubs
1991-92: Ian K. Dewar, MPHF, Rotary Club of Parksville
1992-93 Bashir El-Khalafawi MPHF, Rotary Club of Parksville

Charter Information

Sponsor Club: Rotary Club of Parksville
President: John Moss, PHF

Extension Committee:
PP Ian K. Dewar, PHF
PP Bashir El-Khalafawi, PHF
PP Bill LeSage
Daryl Moraes
Doug Slowski, PHF
Bill Taylor

Installing Officer: District Governor Floyd Olson, PHF

Charter Officers & Directors

President: Bashir El-Khalafawi, MPHF
Vice-President: Bill LeSage
President-Elect: Ray Walker, PHF
Secretary: Irene Mark
Treasurer: Doug Slowski, PHF
Sergeant-at-Arms: Bob Sommers
Director International Service: Ian K. Dewar, PHF
Director Club Service: Anne Duggan
Director Vocational Service: Blair Milligan
Director Community Service: Gordon Svenson
Director at Large: Keith Wood

Charter Club Members


Harold Butler

Terry Newton
Kay Burgoyne Aaron Nicklen
Al Descoteau Michael Patz
Helen Dyck Dave Phillips
Ron Dyck Anil Ram
Cal Fletcher Lou Roulofsen
Scott Greene, MPHF Gary Ross
Sandra Herle Bill Taylor
Dennis Light Ron Yates