Live Different
The Rotary Club of Parksville AM has initiated a partnership with Live Different , a Canadian non-profit organization, for the purpose of carrying out international projects on an annual basis. Initial projects were carried out in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but the Club's long term focus has shifted to Mexico.
Since 2014, the Rotary Club of Parksville AM has accomplished five Live Different Builds projects the northern state of Baja, Mexico. This is a unique collaboration between the Club and Live Different which has resulted in the construction of:
  • A home for a family of four
  • A kindergarten
  • A centre for both senior citizens and children of the Zapata area
  • An adult education centre
  • A technology classroom
Below a young kindergarten student expresses glee at his new classroom.
Soap For Hope

The Rotary Club of Parksville AM works with The Beach Club Resort, a generous donor of supplies of soaps, shampoos and bedding which are then delivered by Club members to Disaster Aid Canada in Victoria.  These much needed products are distributed to victims of disaster at home and abroad. 
Rotary Team Mexico

After four very intense working days, Rotary Team Mexico has basically completed the house for Arnulfo, Olga and family, with the exception of a few tiny touch ups such as door trim and last minute painting.  Photo above shows our work to date.  Even the baƱo has been painted to match.

Our Interact students continue to amaze us with their talents, energy and enthusiasm.  What valuable members of our team they have proven to be!
Photos show work on the house for Olga and Arnulfo and their two small children.  Photo at left shows their current house. After a full day of building on Day 1, all four walls and all four roofing panels were constructed and painted.

We are now on Day 2 and we are all so excited at how quickly things are progressing.
Rotary Team Mexico and our WestJet partners are bonding beautifully and we are enjoying our work together, knowing that we will soon have built houses for two families through our collective efforts.
Our team also includes four Interact students who are enjoying learning new skills and wowing us with their enthusiasm!
The walls are now up on both homes and soon setting the roofing panels will be put in place, after which we will begin working on the interior.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how far we have come on our two house builds.  It is a privilege to work alongside our partners, our families and Live Different in changing the lives of two families.
Rotary Supports Disaster Aid in Bahamas
The Rotary Club of Parksville AM has donated $3000 to Disaster Aid Canada in support of Hurricane Dorian disaster relief in the Bahamas.