Even in a pandemic, the message of Rotary continues to resonate.  The Rotary Club of Parksville AM is delighted to welcome Aki and Penny Shah, owners of Tablet Pharmacy in Parksville.  Aki and Penny have based their business model on superb personalized service, a strategy that earned them the Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award in 2020!  As successful entrepreneurs with a young family, Aki and Penny will bring energy, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective to the Club, qualities needed to dispel the common stereotype of Rotary as an "old boys club".

A preferred perception of Rotary is that of "people of action", and in order to live up to this image, Rotary must attract new and younger members who will offer their skills, talents and physical abilities so that the Club can carry on projects such as building homes and educational facilities in Mexico, cleaning up Little Mountain, and helping the local neighbourhood to revitalize Shelly Park.  With Aki and Penny being young parents themselves, we look forward to their input on our next big project which will be modifying the Building Learning Together "WOW Bus" to make it "Covid-friendly" and able to serve local families despite the pandemic.

Photo shows President, Bashir El-Khalafawi and Membership Co-Chair, Andy Manson as they welcome Penny and Aki to the Rotary Club of Parksville AM.
To learn more about Rotary, contact the Membership Co-Chair, John O’Brien at 250-228-0020.