We are on the home stretch in our goal of cleaning up Little Mountain of the trash and debris that has been a blight on this pristine area for so many years.
This initiative began in May of 2019 and the goal is to finish the job in May of 2020.  So far, through the support of Mike Gillen from Kestrel Helicopters, two major lifts have resulted in the removal of 13 tons of waste.
Preparing the mountain for a helicopter lift is a labour intensive and backbreaking job. 

Volunteers must work on the slope of the mountain base to sort and pack garbage into bags that can be picked up by the helicopter. 
After the first lift, Rotarians and Little Mountain residents were joined in this task by the BC Chapter of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers who have given the project a tremendous boost through their muscle and enthusiasm.
This has been a game changer for this project, and we are now totally confident that Little Mountain will once again be a beautiful natural wilderness area this May.  For stories on how this all came to be, click here.

The next-to-last work session was held on March 14 with a large contingent from the Backcountry Chapter, along with Rotarians and Little Mountain residents.  The transformation of the mountain is amazing, with large sections cleared and larger items consolidated into areas for pick-up.

As one member of the Backcountry contingent stated, "This is an initiative that was a natural for us to get involved in.  The activities we enjoy on beautiful Vancouver Island depend on keeping our wilderness areas in their natural unspoiled state".
There will be one last work party on April 25 when remaining items items will be bagged or readied for pick-up, and the mountain base will be raked to uncover all the final smaller items of glass and metal that have accumulated.
The final helicopter lift was to take place on May 3; however plans have had to be postponed due to Covid-19. An alternate date will be announced once the world returns to normal, after which a plan will be implemented to stop future dumping. It is our hope that this effort and the public awareness it has created will help to deter future incidences of illegal dumping at Little Mountain. We live in one of the most beautiful communities in the world – let’s keep it that way!"