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May 2017
Rotary Re-enactment
In the year 1905, Rotary founder Paul Harris asked the question "Why not have a fellowship composed of businessmen from different occupations, without restrictions on politics or religion?”  The following re-enactment by members of the Willoughby Theatre was staged at the Rotary District 9685 Conference on February 23, 2014, 109 years after Rotary became a reality.  Click here to view a 7 minute video of the beginnings of Rotary
Nicholls Park Revitalization Project
Click here to view the Nicholls Park Revitalization page on Facebook.

The purpose of the page is to create a forum for students and community members who are interested in volunteering, and to help promote the project through the community. 

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Canada's First Peace City - December 19, 1997

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Rotary Club of Parksville A.M. is a service club of community leaders who work within the local and world community to make a difference.



Rotary Club of Parksville A.M. provides service to our community and advances world understanding by building on the strengths of our members.


What's Happening

Rotary Team Mexico: Mission Accomplished

Rotary Team Mexico are on their way home after completing their mission to contribute to the building of a Community Centre in the northern Baja, Mexico.  While undoubtedly tired and a bit worse for wear, they are surely feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and a feeling of satisfaction that they have made a difference in the lives of many in the community of Vicente Guerrero.
And since Rotarians never quit until the job is done, then the job must be done.  Well done Team!
For more about their last day on the job ...

Rotary Team Mexico: Day 8

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
A highlight this morning was a chance to visit the kindergarten we built last year. Jo mounted the Rotary sign above the main door.


Rotary Team Mexico: Day 7

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
This morning several of us had the privilege of working with the two women (Maria and Anna)  who coordinate the Senior's Centre. We helped prepare a lunch of chicken soup and tortillas,  served the seniors, played Mexican Bingo, and helped with cleanup.
The seniors (and some of their grandchildren) are so excited and appreciative of the new facility they will soon inherit.  Construction has been a true collaborative effort!


Rotary Team Mexico: Day 6

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
Everyone put in an exceptional effort today and much was accomplished.  The building is taking shape!

Rotary Team Mexico: Day 5

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
We woke up to the sun rising over the mountains and it was the start of a beautiful day. The heat dried out the mud and roads and allowed us to accomplish much more than the previous two days of rain.  Photo above shows Bill Rawlins sifting sand with his enthusiastic helper.

Rotary Team Mexico: Day 4

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
We had more rain last night which meant a wet build site and muddy roads and shoes this morning.  Photo above shows Jane Walker trying to sweep the water out.

Rotary Team Mexico: Day 3

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.
The anticipated storm hit us last night with lots of rain and high winds . One of the sleeping quarters was flooded; good thing it was Bill, Jo, and Garry who got wet! With the sun shining again, Joyce Wright works with Elias, one of our local experts.

Rotary Team Mexico: Day 2

With thanks to Team members Jane Walker, Diane Luke and Bill Rawlins for taking the time at the end of each exhausting day to supply write-ups and photos so we can all share in this experience.

Today was a busy one as we were anticipating a storm late afternoon.  There was lots of work completed on the roof and, with luck, we hope to finish it tomorrow. There were challenges with nonstandard dimensional materials and constant wind and blowing sand. Electrical is proceeding well as is the smooth coating of the interior walls. The bathroom cinder block walls are almost finished.

Rotary Team Mexico on the Job Site!

Rotary Team Mexico has arrived in Vicente Guerrero for their third annual Live Different Builds project.  This is a unique collaboration between Live Different and two organizations from the local community who are working to build a community centre which will provide a meeting place for both senior citizens and children of the Zapata area.
Louise Wright – Guest Speaker/Presentation Creator
Guy Segouin – Returning Member!
Beachfest Ambassadors: Arthur circulated the sign up sheet at today’s meeting. We have (4) shifts. The schedule and list of volunteers will be on our website under ‘Events’ as well.
Lions Spray Park Fundraising: There is a new promotional flyer available and a Splash Park Community Sponsorship package available. John has also put together a draft schedule for the Tuesday Market 50/50 Ticket and Candied Salmon sales. There may be opportunity to take on extra shifts at Save-On and Quality Foods if we have the volunteers. If you can’t fill the spot assigned to you let John know and we will work through the schedule as we go. All proceeds will go to the Splash Park.
May 30 Meeting Relocated/ Rescheduled: In lieu of our regular meeting we are all invited to an evening of play at 5:30PM at Paradise Mini Golf. There will be an optional social afterwards. Let Gord know if  you will be attending so he can give Paradise a heads up.
Executive Installation 2017-18: Save the date! This year’s installation will be held at Pacific Brimm on Wednesday, June 28. Cost is $20 per person. Doors open for cocktails at 5:30PM. This event will replace our regular morning meeting. A sign up/ RSVP sheet has been circulated. If you haven’t signed up and plan to attend let Helen know or sign up at the next meeting as needs a head count in advance for catering purposes.
2017-18 Executive Plenary Meeting: On May 30, 2017 there will be a plenary meeting held at Pacific Brimm Coffee & Tea Co. from 7:00AM – 8:30AM to review and discuss each Committee’s plans and goals for the 2017-18 year.
Two Minutes of Rotary:
Don Goyan – Rotary Canada
In the Rotary Canada circular Don found an article to mark Canada’s 150th Birthday describing the ways that Canadians have been involved in the development of Rotary in our country. The first Rotary Club in Canada was the Rotary Club of Winnipeg established in 1910 and Chartered in 1912. The first Canadian RI President was Leslie Pidgeon from Winnipeg. The RI Convention has been held in Canada 7 times and the 8th will be in 2018 in Toronto. In 1918 a Halifax member encouraged Rotarians to promote peace. As chair of the Bylaw Committee Donald McRae proposed an amendment for the 4th Object of Rotary: The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service. In 1982 the Waterton Glacier International Pease Park was established. More than 76,000 women in Canada are Rotarians. We have the second most women (proportionally) in our Clubs. Canada is ranked 6th in Annual giving overall. Don noted that not everyone is a speaker or administrator, but we can all participate in the work of Rotary. Don checked in to make sure that everyone got a bumper sticker.
Guest Speaker:
Jo Dunn & Louise Wright – Live Different Seniors Centre Zapata Mexico 2017
At last week’s meeting Jo made shared his proposal for our 2017-18 District Grant Application proposal. He would like to recommend that the Rotary Club of Parksville AM commit $3500USD to match the District Grant he is applying for in the 2017-18 year to build a Vocational School Classroom in Mexico. John made the motion, Markus seconded. CARRIED.
Jo took a show of hands for volunteers for the upcoming project and saw about (7) members as of this morning. Jo will send out an email about an organizational meeting. We will need at least (12) members and hopefully more to make it work.
Elaine would like get involved in a fundraiser for the project to allow members that may not otherwise be able to afford it to go. Jo hopes that the District Grant will be able to help out with that as well. Al would like to see us sponsor grade 11 or 12 students to go.
Jo thanked Louise for putting the presentation together to show us the construction of the Community (Oasis) Centre. Jo gave a summary of the Live Different process, the Vicente Guerrero area and demographic. The presentation showed the build process all the way from the demolition (which took place before our Rotarians arrived), and the partially built addition that was done by a Live Different group from Alberta.
Our Club’s job started with sifting the sand for the skim coat plaster applied with a trowel to the exterior of the building, Bill’s specialty. Among the many local volunteers there was a very small 87-year old man that came to help and did whatever he wanted to do. Local seniors, Rotarians and a local crew including Pedro(as usual) all contributed. The bathroom was built, roof beams and trusses raised (yes, all by Rotarians Don), interior walls constructed (and discovering that the building isn’t square). Until the roof went up they had to sweep out the space to get rid of the water from the buckets of rain that fell for days. The rain stopped before they roof was complete of course. Ray and Don focused on the wiring and electrical work. Drywall is hard work and Elaine and Garry took the lead on hanging the boards. A professional drywaller did the drywall finishing at night.
Louise included pictures of the current seniors center that currently has about 40 people that use the facility. They play bingo, make meals, etc. The Seniors Centre and staff will house the new Oasis building as well.
The team set up the trades centre with work benches, racks, storage etc.. Gord and Carol organized all of the tools and equipment to make the trades centre a functional work and learning space.
The project was fully completed after our team left and looks amazing. There will be a public garden as well. Cara quickly thanked Jo and Louise with Polio Plus certificates.
Joke of the Week: Not this week.
Sergeant-at Arms: Gord will finish off May…Gord has planned mini-golf for next week…Don had to pay for being in the paper TWICE, so did John…and Louise…Bruce abandoned his post…Helen forgot her password…Garry is happy to welcome Guy back into the Parksville AM fold…Ken is happy that he’s off to Newfoundland for 10 days…but sad for missing the end of the hockey game last night when his power went out…Steve is happy for the presentation…John is happy to have the Interact Club involved in the Splash Park fundraising…John and Don raised $240 at the Sunset Lanes meat draw…Helen reminded us to sign up for Installation…Elaine is happy that Interact and Rotary are getting great coverage in the paper…and that Lasquiti puts on a super fun Spring Fling…Bashir is sad that he was in VIHA on Monday but happy that everything is okay…Bruce is happy for the Mexico series of projects…Markus is just happy…Don L gave it all to the Splash Park…
Birthdays: None
Anniversaries: None
Next Week’s Meeting Relocated/ Rescheduled: Paradise Mini Golf at 5:30PM
June 7th Meeting: Fireside/ Club Assembly Re: Fundraising

The Rotary Club of Parksville AM is active in the international community. In 2015, the Club supported the construction of a shed to house a corn mill in Sunyani, Ghana. This was necessary to protect the machine in the wet rainy season in order to ensure the harvest of the corn crop. This project was a partnership with the Rotary Club of Nanaimo North and the community of Nanketiwa in the Sunyani Municipal Assembly.

In 2016, the Club is undertaking a second project in Ghana, this time to provide desks and white boards in classrooms at Wawasua School. Stay tuned for photos when this project is completed.






Parksville AM Working at Home and Abroad

Rotary consists of neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. Below are some of the current projects supported by the Rotary Club of Parksville AM:

In the Community ...
• Rotary supports children through "Coats for Kids", SOS programs for children, and through "Building Learning Together" initiatives such as Munchkinland and the WOW Bus.

• Rotary supports youth through partnerships and scholarships Secondary School, through drug awareness education, through local 4-H groups, and through a bi-annual trades fair for high school students.

• And Rotary supports those going through sickness and hard times through the ALS Walk, the Parksville Mental Health Group, diabetes and cystic fibrosis foundations, and the Salvation Army.

Around the World ...
• International projects supported by the Rotary Club of Parksville AM include the provision of mosquito nets and the building of fencing and latrines for a school in Ghana.

• The Club also supports Project Amigo, an initiative in Colima, Mexico that supports literacy programs and provides access to vision care.

• Through Disaster Aid Canada, the Club helps fund emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.

• Rotary launched its Polio Plus program, the first initiative to tackle global polio eradication, in 1985. Since then, Rotary and its partners have helped reduce the number of annual cases from 350,000 to 250, and remain committed until every child is safe from the disease

We're This Close!

To encourage public support for the effort to eradicate polio, Rotary has welcomed a select group of celebrities and other notable figures to join a new public awareness campaign: "This Close." Participants including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, violinist Itzhak Perlman, actor Jackie Chan, Queen Noor of Jordan, golfer Jack Nicklaus, Grammy Award-winning musicians Angélique Kidjo and Ziggy Marley, and conservationist Jane Goodall explain that "we're this close to ending polio."

Rotary in the News
Rotarians part of frantic effort to eradicate Pakistan's 'badge of shame': https://www.theguardian.com/…/polio-in-pakistan-the-frantic…
Click the link and check out page A3 for our contribution: http://www.pqbnews.com/eeditions/?iid=i20160617090833354
Flip to page A7 of the March 1, 2016 eEdition:
Check out page A22 for a recap of this 'very emotional experience': http://www.pqbnews.com/eeditions/?iid=i20141014102438818
Check out page A15 for the latest article on the Live Different Humanitarian Trip in Mexico:
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