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October 2016
Rotary Re-enactment
In the year 1905, Rotary founder Paul Harris asked the question "Why not have a fellowship composed of businessmen from different occupations, without restrictions on politics or religion?”  The following re-enactment by members of the Willoughby Theatre was staged at the Rotary District 9685 Conference on February 23, 2014, 109 years after Rotary became a reality.  Click here to view a 7 minute video of the beginnings of Rotary
Nicholls Park Revitalization Project
Click here to view the Nicholls Park Revitalization page on Facebook.

The purpose of the page is to create a forum for students and community members who are interested in volunteering, and to help promote the project through the community. 

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Canada's First Peace City - December 19, 1997

Parksville AM

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We meet Wednesdays at 7:00 AM
The Beach Club Resort
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Rotary Club of Parksville A.M. is a service club of community leaders who work within the local and world community to make a difference.



Rotary Club of Parksville A.M. provides service to our community and advances world understanding by building on the strengths of our members.


What's Happening
Coats for Kids is an annual community service project of the Rotary Club of Parksville AM and the Rotary Club of Qualicum Beach Sunrise, along with the Ballenas Rotary Interact Club. Our very generous Oceanside community has supported this worthwhile project since 1996 and every year responds to the many youth within our community who need winter coats.
Here is an opportunity for you to clean out your children’s closets and make a much needed donation of new or gently used coats and winter accessories like scarves and gloves to the kids in our community who could really use them to keep warm this winter.
Starting on September 28, 2016, during normal business or school hours, your donation will be accepted until October 26, 2016 at any of the following drop off locations in Parksville, Nanoose and Qualicum Beach:
Parksville Kiddie Kollege
Vancouver Island Regional Library, Parksville
Ballenas Secondary School
Kwalikum Secondary School
Oceanside Elementary School
Nanoose Bay Elementary School
Arrowview Elementary School
Springwood Elementary School
Qualicum Beach Elementary School
Building Learning Together (BLT)
Family Resource Centre
Vancouver Island Regional Library, Parksville
Parksville Kiddie Kollege
The Beach Club Resort
Arrowsmith Moving & Storage                       
Suds & Duds Laundromat           
Fifth Generation Cleaners                       
For more information please contact your local Rotarian:
In Parksville, Cara MacDonald                (250) 927-3781
In Qualicum Beach, Susan Stark            (250) 616-9974

What seemed to be the WHOLE Rotary Club of Qualicum Beach Sunrise
Jessy Zheng – MBA, Mid-Island Group
Abinav Tomer– Nanaimo Rotaract Club
World Polio Day: October 24 is World Polio Day. Eradication of Polio is a top priority of the Foundation. There will be a live broadcast from the Centre of Disease Control that will live stream Rotary’s 4th Annual World Polio Day event. It will feature President John Germ. Go here: endpolio.org. Lynne encourages us to watch the broadcast and donate.
October 26 Meeting Change: Breakfast will be moved to Bluenose Detail Centre  and hosted by Al Cameron at 1401 Springhill Road at 7AM. We will move across the street after breakfast for a presentation at Summit Log & Timber Homes.
Beach Fest: John O’Brien and Arthur Wong went to a presentation at City Hall to receive our Beach Fest award of $3,180! Thank you to Arthur for championing our participation and to the Club for committing the time to this very worthwhile fundraiser.
Soap for Hope: Soap for Hope has been nominated for an Aviva Community Fund Grant. Please take a moment to vote for Soap for Hope – you can use up to 18 votes until Oct 28th.  https://www.avivacommunityfund.org/
Search for Soap for Hope in the projects! Thank you for your support.
Two Minutes of Rotary:
Ray Walker – Mexico Build 2017
For the 3rd year running the Rotary Club of Parksville AM is partnering with Live Different and will go down to the Baja to build a school. We have built (2) homes and a kindergarten in years past. It is so neat to watch the locals get involved in the construction of their own school. It was just so rewarding that we keep doing it. The teachers of the school hadn’t been paid in months but still came out to pitch in.
We will be going down again this time to build a schoolroom. There are (19) participants committed to going. A few more and we could commit to building (2) schoolrooms or one larger. We work from 9-4. The weather in February is great for working. There is something for everyone to do. If you have talent, great we’ll use you, no talents, great we’ll use you! The cost includes travel and the actual construction of the building. The cost of construction is split between travelers. You can get a tax receipt for a donation to the construction. The food is incredibly authentic and made by local Mexican cooks. There is a nice, safe place to stay. The trip is not limited to Rotarians, friend and family are welcome. The group will leave February 15, 2017 and return at the end of the month. You can add on to the trip to make a bit of a holiday out of it as well. Last year they stayed in San Diego for a few extra days. There is a exciting turn over of the key ceremony at the end where the community, partners and volunteers gather together to celebrate the completion of the project.
Guest Speaker:
Jessy Zheng & Abinav Tomer – Keep the Wheel Running
Diana introduced Jessy. Jessy came to Canada from China to participate in the MBA program at VIU. Through the University Jessy obtained an internship as part of a partnership between the University and Rotary’s Mid-Island International Service Group. As part of her project, Jessy will be studying international projects in our District, looking for ways to engage more diverse partnerships, investigating how we communicate with the public, how we involve non-Rotarians and how we can attract future members – particularly younger members. She will be visiting all (24) Clubs in the group by the end of October. Jessy has already begun to engage younger members, and she brought Abinav this morning, a Nanaimo Rotaract Club member.
Jessy showed us a power point presentation titled ‘Keep the Wheel Running – How to Attract Potential Members’
Jessy is from Le Ling is a ‘small’ town near Beijing where she lived with her parents and her younger brother. Her father is an inspiration to her. Last year Jessy went back to China and found herself helping a lady she had never met. The lady was surprised that someone of her stature would take the time to help her. This is just normal to her. Her and her father are very close and have a very special relationship. He does everything for his children. Although he hates to see her leave, he supports her in all of her endeavors. She carries his philosophy with her wherever she goes: ‘Be kind, protect yourself and respect yourself’.
Be kind. Jessy has found that many of her Chinese classmates would not talk to her or befriend her because she was not ‘metropolitan’ enough. Through her parents support, and wise words got her through with her integrity and kindness.
After finishing school in China she had (2) choices: study abroad or stay and have a family. Jessy opted to study abroad and landed at VIU. Her father encouraged her to become independent after being overprotected and over-provided for. Jessie only knew a few English words when she got here. She still made the VIU badminton team.
Now that she has completed her MBA degree she is doing research on Rotary and especially the MIG. Her focus is on how to develop membership, especially attracting younger people. She sees Interact and Rotaract being the bridge between the generations of Rotary. To bring in the next generation Rotary needs to tell the international story to the public, increase the positive impact of Rotary, help Rotary go BIG and keep the wheels running by being sustainable.
Abinav is in his last year of his MBA. He is from the northern part of India. He is a Chemical Engineer. He has traveled a lot and has worked on manufacturing planes. After working too much he decided to take a break and get his MBA. He thought he was coming to Vancouver. Not until he had is plane tickets in his hand did he realize he was going to an island. He spent his first night in the airport and journeyed to the island in the rain. He used to like the rain. Like Jessy, he had to learn to take care of himself. Little did he know his father knew this was exactly what he needed. He is from a small town where his parents were involved in Rotary and Polio eradication. He started an Interact Club in high school with friends. After school he joined the Mumbai Rotary Club who worked close with the NGO’s working with Cancer patients. When he came here he discovered the Rotaract Club. Last year there were (5) members, now they are up to (11) members. He agrees that marketing the brand is key in engaging new members.
Markus thanked our guest speakers and presented them with Polio Plus certificates on behalf of the Club.
Joke of the Week: John O’Brien was quick…which was a good thing…
Sergeant-at Arms: Steve Alexander – Pope…there were lack of mingling fines for (2) of the tables…Ray paid for the upside down American flag…due to time we’ll go straight to happy and sad dollars…
...the winner donated his funds to the Mexico build…Ron and Helen are happy for 45 years, but sad for the loss of Helen’s brother…many happy dollars for our many guests and speakers…Garry is happy for parking at NIWRA…Bashir is happy to have his son here from Newfoundland…he’ll pay up for blowing it on the introductions…Elaine is sad that she didn’t win…Arthur is happy to see upcoming Rotarians in the Rotaract Club…John is sad for the loss of Live Different volunteers in a plane crash…there was over a thousand people at the NIWRA Mushroom Festival.
Birthdays: Don Goyan – October 24
Anniversaries: Cindy & Norm Hamelin - October 19
Next Week’s Meeting: Breakfast at Bluenose Detail Centre  & Presentation across the street at Summit Timber and Log Home Construction

In February 2016, Rotary Team Mexico spent 10 days in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico where they built a kindergarten in partnership Live Different, a charitable organization that identifies itself as: 'a movement focused on changing ourselves and the world around us by embracing a lifestyle that cares for people, not stuff.'

Below is a slideshow of this trip, prepared by trip participant, Louise Wright.
To see Rotarians in action, check out the following video clips:

Raising The Walls



The Rotary Club of Parksville AM is active in the international community. In 2015, the Club supported the construction of a shed to house a corn mill in Sunyani, Ghana. This was necessary to protect the machine in the wet rainy season in order to ensure the harvest of the corn crop. This project was a partnership with the Rotary Club of Nanaimo North and the community of Nanketiwa in the Sunyani Municipal Assembly.

In 2016, the Club is undertaking a second project in Ghana, this time to provide desks and white boards in classrooms at Wawasua School. Stay tuned for photos when this project is completed.








Our brand new Interact Club celebrates Earth Day by planting a dogwood tree in Nicholls Park. Interact Co-Presidents Ginny Lefeaux and Katja Keifer, with Parksville City Councillor, Al Grier. Bravo Interact! 

Getting the tree in the hole...

Installation complete!


In June 2014, the Rotary Club of Parksville AM presented a cheque for $200 to Louise Sosa, founder of the organization Aldea Maya, to use in the Chukumuk Middle School located in the Lake Atitlan area of the Guatemalan highlandsAldea Maya is a non-profit grassroots organization with a mandate to assist the indigenous Mayans to help themselves through education, nutrition, garden projects and micro-loans.  For further information on the great work being done in Guatemala by Aldea Maya, check out their website at http://www.aldeamaya.ca
Hola Parksville AM Rotary: The Home Economics teacher, Sandra, and the students at the Chukumuk Basico want to thank you for your donation that helped us purchase a much needed refrigerator for the school. We really appreciate your donation.


In September 2014, a group of Rotarians travelled to Vicente Guererro in the Baja Region of Mexico to build a house for a family, in partnership with the Live Different Builds program. While there, they learned of additional needs in the local school. A Rotary Christmas Project was initiated to collect money for uniforms, playground equipment and school supplies. Our friends of Rotary Jane Walker and Louise Wright took the lead on the project.

We were thrilled with both the interest in our recent Rotary Christmas project to a school in Mexico and the money that was donated. We raised almost $3500 and have deposited the money to the Live Differant account.  We heard just before Christmas that families with children who needed a uniform were  issued with a voucher to purchase a uniform and that they have all done so.  How wonderful!  The remaining money will go toward much needed school supplies and playground equipment.
We were so lucky that Tim and Donna Andres have traveled to the Baja and stopped in Vicente Guerrero this week to meet some of the Live Different staff and deliver school  materials  and clothing.  They also went to Zapata where we built a house and had a visit with the family.  Augustina, Policarpio, Jennifer, and Puol must have been so excited to see them!

Tim and Donna are hoping to get some pictures of the school children in their new uniforms when they return in February. We also look forward to hearing how the remainder of the money is spent.

Thank you to all of you who took part in our fund raiser. It is lovely that we can see that our donations are being used so quickly! Together, we have made a  big difference in a small community! 


Tim showing Jennifer the photo album from the September 2014 trip.

Tim presenting gifts that he and Donna purchased to Puol.


Parksville AM Rotarians and Friends join Live Different Builds in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico in September 2014.

The latest project was spending a Saturday assembling a turkey house for the very inquisitive turkeys that reside in Turkey Town. The turkeys are a favorite with NIWRA visitors. The young and old seem to always spend a lot of time in the area with the turkeys because they are so curious and interactive with guests. The improvements, which were badly needed will be well received.
Thank you to our friendly, cheerful team that gave thier time in designing the building, collecting supplies and then coming out and spending a day building our new addition.
Teachers and students at Parksville Elementary School have a new classroom library set of books thanks to a recent $2800.00 donation by the Rotary Club of Parksville AM. These books are for independent reading and will be available for reading in class and at home in order to help increase reading skills.
Many families don’t have the resources to ensure their children have access to interesting and skill appropriate books.  Although students may use the school library, this does not always provide the correct level of reading material to help them advance their reading skills. This donation helps to bridge that gap.
The books are now in use and will be redistributed to the students’ new schools upon the closure of Parksville Elementary School.
Rotary clubs throughout the world have adopted Literacy as one of their main areas of focus and the Rotary Club of Parksville AM is pleased to be able to participate in this venture.

Parksville AM Working at Home and Abroad

Rotary consists of neighbors, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. Below are some of the current projects supported by the Rotary Club of Parksville AM:

In the Community ...
• Rotary supports children through "Coats for Kids", SOS programs for children, and through "Building Learning Together" initiatives such as Munchkinland and the WOW Bus.

• Rotary supports youth through partnerships and scholarships Secondary School, through drug awareness education, through local 4-H groups, and through a bi-annual trades fair for high school students.

• And Rotary supports those going through sickness and hard times through the ALS Walk, the Parksville Mental Health Group, diabetes and cystic fibrosis foundations, and the Salvation Army.

Around the World ...
• International projects supported by the Rotary Club of Parksville AM include the provision of mosquito nets and the building of fencing and latrines for a school in Ghana.

• The Club also supports Project Amigo, an initiative in Colima, Mexico that supports literacy programs and provides access to vision care.

• Through Disaster Aid Canada, the Club helps fund emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.

• Rotary launched its Polio Plus program, the first initiative to tackle global polio eradication, in 1985. Since then, Rotary and its partners have helped reduce the number of annual cases from 350,000 to 250, and remain committed until every child is safe from the disease

We're This Close!

To encourage public support for the effort to eradicate polio, Rotary has welcomed a select group of celebrities and other notable figures to join a new public awareness campaign: "This Close." Participants including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, violinist Itzhak Perlman, actor Jackie Chan, Queen Noor of Jordan, golfer Jack Nicklaus, Grammy Award-winning musicians Angélique Kidjo and Ziggy Marley, and conservationist Jane Goodall explain that "we're this close to ending polio."

Rotary in the News
Click the link and check out page A3 for our contribution: http://www.pqbnews.com/eeditions/?iid=i20160617090833354
Flip to page A7 of the March 1, 2016 eEdition:
Check out page A22 for a recap of this 'very emotional experience': http://www.pqbnews.com/eeditions/?iid=i20141014102438818
Check out page A15 for the latest article on the Live Different Humanitarian Trip in Mexico:
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